Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Commercial Audition Techniques Workshop with Kevin Patrick Murphy

Jade Castle Studios is sponsoring this awesome event! RSVP because seats ARE limited!


Jade Castle Studios is home to Jade Castle Productions. We provide film and video 

production, photography, graphic design services, and much more!

Jade Castle Studios also serves as a venue for arts-related meetings, seminars, classes, 

workshops, screenings, live performances, etc. We are accepting submissions for artists of 

all kinds to rent studio space at Jade Castle. And also submissions for guests that would like 

to hold an event at the studio!


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Learn Improvisation for commercials, the power of the slate, on camera audition techniques, how to market yourself and so much more.
Learn from professional commercial actor and founder of The Actor's Center, Kevin Patrick Murphy, who has worked on tons of commercials including, Mt. Dew, Snickers, Tums, H and R Block and many more. 

Email to reserve your spot today. 
Space is limited so reserve today.


The Actors Center of Asheville offers Adult and Teen classes, Film Production, Taped Auditions, Acting Workshops and Private Coaching. To learn more about The Actors Center Of Asheville, or if you’re interested in taking classes or signing up for a private coaching session, contact Kevin Patrick Murphy at

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Friday, August 2, 2013

"Being a Young Filmmaker" by Guest Blogger/Artist Silas James Rowland


Ever since I was little I knew that story telling was going to be a big part of my life. 

I used to love that hat *sigh*
Whether it be me making up a lie to get out of trouble, or playing with my action figures at eye level, developing the toys into characters with meaning to serve a mind sweetening plot for my eyes and heart.

And here I am 10 years later at age 17 - wanting to do the same thing, but with a cast, crew, and camera. I’ve already made the executive decision that filmmaking is what I am going to do for the rest of my life. I want to serve your eyes and enjoyment like I once did for myself.

Serving your Eyes, For Your Enjoyment


The film industry is a big game to jump into, especially at a young age. Besides getting a head start and certain privileges, it’s a tough endeavor. People are constantly under-estimating you and it’s hard to get people involved with your projects. With money being an issue for almost anyone, it gets in the way of plenty projects. Funding has always seemed to be a struggle for me, so that’s why I am starting to get involved with the business side of the industry. I’ve already produced multiple short films, with a $0 budget. But that also means a $0 rewarded.

At first, I thought, “Hey man, this is fun. Let me make a bunch of videos and use local talent.” I still want to continue to do that, but I want both them and me to be rewarded for what we do. It’s actually helped me to write and produce more quality content instead of those 8 minute improv videos I started doing three years back.

8 Minutes is a Long Time When You Have to Stand Like This in a Pink Ape Suit *whew!*

But what really gets me involved in the business is the fact that I am about to be graduating high school. Where and what am I to do after that? What if filmmaking doesn’t work for me? How will I make a living if while in school I dedicated all my time to only learning that trade? People say I am thinking too far ahead for such a young minded person, but in all honestly I don’t want to have to be supported by parents or family. I’ve learned a lot from previous struggles that will prepare me for the future ones. Until then, I will do my best to make those around me thrive, including my own self.


I’ve worked hard to grasp the attention that I have now. I’ve worked hard to get in contact with the people that continue to help and befriend me. They inspire me each and every day to make better of myself, no matter how “mean” their comments may sound. They’re doing it in good interest.
The word “success” constantly comes up inside and outside of the industry. Truthfully, I think we identify our own success. Success for me would be making films permanently for pleasure and as a career. It doesn’t matter if I get millions of views (although I wouldn’t hate that... In fact I would love it). The only thing I want to do is be able to show what I can do. I need to prove that I am constantly growing and improving my content.

I think Ive outgrown my twin bunkbed :/
Our area is full of people who dedicate their time to film. Sure, that’s great and fun, but it’s not bringing in larger scale films or a community that is united or large enough to gather eyes. Crystal Tyler and I, with a few other filmmakers, have been discussing the topic of renting out a space for a co-op production studio. That is something that we are currently tackling so we can grow as a group and as a state who wants to take over the film industry. I’m not saying that within the first years we are going to be at the top, but it’s totally something worth investing into for my future, for their future, and others like us. Even your business could benefit from this studio. We plan to do it right, and make a quality, true studio.

**Crystal here- Just wanted to make sure anyone reading this knows that they can see my previous blog post for more info on the studio.  On that blog post is a link to DONATE *hint hint* :)


This isn’t the end. There never will be an ending. But this is the conclusion to a post that hopefully you could relate to. I am going to pour my heart and soul into making great films for you guys. To make great films with you guys. Forever encourage and inspire one another.

Sincerely, Silas James Rowland 

* PSA from Crystal: If you do not send me pictures to go with your blog entry, I will choose your pictures for you. Sorry Silas, I meant to tell you that before ;} oops. 

Check out Silas' own personal project "SilasRowlandTV":

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Also on YouTube: YouTube Link to SilasRowlandTV