Monday, October 7, 2013

FREE WORKSHOP at Jade Castle Studios

Hello Jade Castle fans! I just wanted to update you all on the classes and events scheduled, and to be scheduled, at Jade Castle Studios.

First, make sure to "like" and share the Jade Castle FB page: Jade Castle fb

And also, the Jade Castle Fundraiser Campaign page: Jade Castle Fundraiser

I really need your helps, guys.  I cannot do this on my own. Please donate to the campaign and encourage others to donate, at least until tenants are moved in, the business is up and running and it is self sustaining. It is very important to spread the word and encourage support of this. I have so many plans for the studio but can not do them without the funds and without word of mouth, so tell everyone you know about Jade Castle. Every dollar helps, and every time someone hears of Jade Castle that hadn't heard of it before, it creates that much more potential and brings us closer to making this a reality!

Back to classes…As you know, adult acting classes have already been scheduled. You don't want to miss this! Emmy Award winning actor, Ron Joseph, will be teaching these classes! And they are only $15/class if paid up front! Email for  more information and/or to reserve your spot. We are almost full so reserve your spot today!

If you haven't seen the announcement for these classes, here's the link : Adult Acting Classes 

Jade Castle Studios is now also offering a FREE AUDITION WORKSHOP.

In this workshop, you will….

Explore a new means to catch the directors eye.
Discover more of your types.
And much more!

Please prepare a four sentence monologue.

Beau Phillips will be teaching this workshop. Many of us know Beau from Centre Stage Theatre right here in Greenville! Who doesn't love Beau? :)

Beau holds a BFA from Indiana University in Theatre and Telecommunications and a MFA in Performance from The University of Georgia. He has toured all over the country as an actor and specializes in Audition techniques. He started acting at The Warehouse Theatre in 1977, worked for Centre Stage for 10 years, and is a founding member of The And Then Some Players, now known as Cafe And Then Some. Beau will show you how to give an audition that shows your strengths and will help you identify your types. What have you got to lose? It’s a free workshop and persons of all skill levels are encouraged to attend.

When: Thursday, Oct. 17 @ 7pm-9pm
Where: Jade Castle Studios - 501 Augusta St. Greenville, SC 29605
Parking: Behind the Masonic Lodge that is for sale, on Claussen Ave.
Cost: Free!

Email to reserve your spot!

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