Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Artist Co-Op/ Studio Space

Many of you on my Facebook know about my plans to procure a space to be utilized as a personal production studio space, and also serve as a type of artist co-op.

If you're not exactly sure what an artist co-op is, basically,  its an organization jointly owned and controlled by its members.  Cooperatives provide professional facilities and services for its members, including : studios, workshops, equipment, exhibitions and educational resources.

Myself and several folks have looked into locations to be used as a shared space. I want this space to be a platform for any and all kinds of artists:




Visual Artists
Pretty much anything you can imagine that falls into a creative field.

I personally plan to use this space to facilitate workshops, classes, meetings and seminars to the public as well. I have been communicating with several folks that I plan to bring aboard once we have a permanent space. I would also use this space to hold events: art exhibitions, theatre performances, live music, etc.

Information and educational resources in arts related fields

My dream is to eventually procure a space to house all of this.

A kickstarter campaign is being planned for the near future.  Keep an eye out for us at Jade Castle.  If you would like to donate to the cause now, you can here:

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